One-On-One LinkedIn Face-Lift



One-On-One LinkedIn Face-lift
Get a One-On-One Personal LinkedIn Session with Branding Strategist Karen Tiber Leland

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Product Description

In this one-on-one, customized service you will get a “done for you” LinkedIn face-lift including:

• A customized LinkedIn background.
• A branded summary/bio that utilizes keywords.
• A brand-at-a-glance professional headline that attracts potential clients and employees.
• A complete profile that can be used as a replacement for, or to supplement a resume.
• A brand focus that distinguishes your LinkedIn from the crowd.

Does having a bright and shiny LinkedIn profile really matter? One small business client closed two Fortune 500 clients for five to six figures each using these LinkedIn strategies. Another client – a senior VP of Innovation for a Fortune 500 company – was able to use her revised profile as a medium to generate a new position in her firm, that was exactly what she was looking for.


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