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      I get weekly calls from CEOs, small business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs looking to develop a brand marketing strategy designed to upgrade their business and personal brands. Everything from developing executive presence to media placement, book writing, and blogging is put on the table as possible tactics for brand building.

       The issue they almost all face is how to determine which of these tactics will be the most effective given their resources, timeline, and desired outcomes — and what is the best way to go about the implementation of these tactics? Enter the part-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).  

       Instead of relying on inexperienced marketers to research and create your personal or business brand marketing strategy, a fractional CMO has the expertise needed to drop into your business and figure out exactly what you need — then make it happen. 

      In my own company, this is a model I have increasingly used to bring my clients’ marketing and branding projects across the line, and produce timely, quality results. Here are three of the many ways your brand marketing strategy can benefit from bringing on a part-time, interim, or fractional CMO.


      1. Coordinating branding and marketing collateral.

        Let’s face it, most small businesses and mid-size companies have branding and marketing collateral that has been cobbled together over a number of years, by a series of different people.

        Getting all collateral including websites, social media, pitch decks, etc., consistent and well branded can be a big job. A fractional CMO can effectively take over the project, coordinate the various players within your company, art direct external designers, and produce branding and marketing collateral that is on point, within a reasonable period of time.


      3. Doing the branding and marketing jobs no one on staff has the time or expertise to do.

        Another reality in small and medium-size companies is that most staff are stretched to the maximum doing their jobs — and then some. Marketing and branding activities often become the stepchild of whoever’s desk they land on — and then languish waiting for that person to have the time to take them on.

        A fractional CMO becomes the natural repository for these items and can ensure they are done not only well, but in a timely fashion.


      5. Assistance in developing executive presence.

        No matter how many media opportunities you score, they are wasted if you can’t deliver the goods. An experienced CMO — especially one with a background in leadership development — can be an invaluable source in developing executive presence when preparing the CEO or other executives for media interviews and public presentations.

      Interim CFOs and even CEOs have long been a staple of mid-size business growth strategy. In an age where branding and marketing has become not only more complex but more integral to the everyday way a business functions, a fractional CMO might just be the solution you have been looking for to bring your personal or business brand to the next level.