Fractional CMO

      Small and mid-cap companies often find themselves in the position of needing certain expertise to manage their CEO brand and move their business goals across the line but lacking the talent, or time, in house to get the job done.

      Fractional consulting and business outsourcing have become a popular way to bridge this gap and get the job done. One of the fastest-growing trends in this arena is the rise of the fractional CMO (aka fractional chief marketing officer). Here’re nine situations in which your company might benefit from getting on the interim CMO bandwagon.

      1. You need someone to function as a “general contractor” to get your most pressing branding and marketing initiatives over the line, but you don’t have someone in house with the goods to take on that role.

      2. You need someone who can bring an expert view and fresh pair of eyes to your branding and marketing, and then translate that insight into a working strategy.

      3. You need someone who has a deep bench of resources and the capacity to implement a variety of branding and marketing activities and have neither the talent nor the time to do it yourself.

      4. Your long-term branding and marketing goals require an expertise that you don’t currently possess in house but that don’t justify bringing in a full-time employee to handle.

      5. You need someone to lead a CEO brand transformation to help your company become more market focused and there is no one in house who can do the job, or the atmosphere is too politically charged to use a current employee.

      6. You have a multitude of branding and marketing projects you have started but just can’t seem to move over the line, and you need a dedicated resource to manage their accomplishment.

      7. You need someone on an interim basis to quarterback all your various and sundry marketing and branding initiatives while you look for a full-time CMO.

      8. Your current CMO is taking a leave of absence for a given period of time, and you need to fill his/her shoes to make sure things keep humming along while they are gone.

      9. You need to get started in building a personal brand, but your current CMO is either too busy to take it on or doesn’t have the required expertise to do the job.

      If any of the above situations resonate with you, the fractional consulting model, and specifically a fractional CMO, just might be the solution you have been looking for. For more information on how SMG can help you with your fractional CMO needs, please contact Karen Tiber Leland.