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      Email In An Instant

      60 Ways to Communicate with Style and Impact

      E-Mail in an Instant teaches you how to use e-mail effectively and efficiently, I wish everyone who sends me e-mail would read this book first.

      Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus

      Houston Chronicle technology columnist and author of Mac OS X Leopard for Dummies

      Surveys show that people in corporations receive an average of 175 messages per day. Topping the list is e-mail, surpassing voice mail, faxes and telephone messages as the most frequent type of message received.

      While email is the biggest communication tool for business use, its remote nature – which eliminates tone of voice and body language – presents a huge potential for misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Many people find themselves dealing with dozens of e-mails everyday whose impact has been lost in cyberspace and, as a result, frequently miss the mark.

      E-mail In An Instant helps you to gain mastery over your electronic mail box and be more effective at getting your messages across with style and impact as well as managing and responding to the messages you receive. The book shows everyone from corporate executives to stay at home moms how to improve their email efficiency including:

      • Accelerate your workday by knowing what to send and what not to
      • What’s my type? Assessing your e-mail writing style
      • Sifting through cyberbabble – learn to separate the trivial from the important
      • How to say no, e-mail style
      • Time management for your mailbox
      • The new rules of e-mail communication
      • Writing business e-mails for other cultures
      • Compose messages that save time for everyone
      • Write emails that build rapport
      • Minimize email misunderstandings
      • Organize your in-coming mail
      • Communication killers to avoid