Public Speaking In An Instant

      60 Ways to Stand Up and Be Heard

      Public Speaking In An Instant is an excellent speaker’s guide. From the fundamentals of giving a great toast to the fine points of teleconference etiquette. Karen Leland and Keith Bailey’s sensible advice covers all the bases. Speakers at every level will appreciate this book and keep it hand. Read it and speak better.

      Ken Blanchard

      Co-author of The One Minute Manager

      Whether it’s leading a brainstorming meeting for a staff of five or giving a keynote speech to an audience of 5000, public speaking with confidence and competency is an essential skill for success. Unfortunately, many people feel uncomfortable and even afraid when it comes to standing up and delivering a presentation. The popular comedian Jerry Seinfeld once joked that since American’s fear of public speaking was on par with their fear of death, at a funeral most people would rather be in the casket, than giving the eulogy.

      Public Speaking In An Instant shows you how to make all your presentations professional, polished and painless. The book provides time proven techniques on writing an engaging presentation, developing an interactive style, reading and responding to an audience and making the most of visual aids. Topics include:

      • Use body language to get your message across
      • High energy equals high impact
      • The power of silence
      • Focus on the message, not the slides
      • Make your audience part of the presentation
      • Be funny, not foolish
      • Make sense of multimedia
      • The key to spontaneity – preparation
      • Discover your audience’s core communication style
      • Retool content to fit diverse groups
      • Light up your talk with stories and examples
      • Deal with doubters and disruptors
      • Conquer stage fright