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      Watercooler Wisdom

      How Smart People Prosper in the Face of Conflict, Pressure, & Change

      An excellent book for anyone who wants to bring more consciousness into the way they work and improve their effectiveness and the way others respond to them.

      Giles Bateman

      Former chairman of CompUsa and Co-founder of Price Club

      Most of us will spend at least 80,000 hours at work during our lifetime. Knowing how to successfully deal with the daily pressures of our jobs – regardless of the circumstances that created them – can transform the experience of our workday from frustrating to fulfilling.

      Watercooler Wisdom is not a “business as usual” business book. It is a primer, a practical, down-to-earth user’s manual that provides pertinent and powerful techniques for coping with conflict, pressure, and change – the three greatest stressors for workers worldwide.

      Prospering in the face of conflict, pressure, and change doesn’t mean walking around wearing an artificial smile of denial. It does mean that you can do well and grow – even when prevailing circumstances seem to conspire to your downfall. Ultimately, when we look inward to ourselves for solutions rather than endlessly wait for the circumstances to change, we all become smarter people.

      This empowering book will help you to:

      • Engage your inner resources to create a meaningful work life
      • Master the ‘smart people’ skills for facing difficult people and tense times
      • Focus your energy on what matters most and avoid the lure of the trivial
      • Design a work makeover to accelerate your satisfaction and productivity