Outsourced CMO

      4 Ways Using an Outsourced CMO Can Help You Raise the Game on Your CEO Brand

      Today’s CEOs often find themselves in the enviable position of running a successful business and enjoying a solid reputation in their fields — yet knowing something else is possible, and even important, regarding their CEO brand. Many have a desire to expand their personal brand but are uncertain as to the best strategy and plan of implementation. One highly effective and increasingly popular solution is to take advantage of the outsourced CMO trend.

      Fractional or part-time CEOs and CFOs have been a business staple for years, but the growing complexity of marketing and branding has led to a rise in companies looking toward an outsourced CMO to take their branding and marketing to the next level.

      One of the most overlooked, yet effective, applications for an outsourced CMO (aka a part-time Chief Marketing Officer or interim CMO) is to specifically take over the management of the CEO brand. Having one person whose sole job it is to oversee your CEO brand means you don’t have to engage (and manage) multiple vendors to get the job done. Instead you can hire once, sit back and watch your CEO brand blossom.

      From developing executive presence to content creation and media placement, there are several ways an interim CMO can help you build your CEO brand. Here are just a few of the ways we work with our clients as a fractional CMO to help build their CEO brands.

      Expand your thought leadership.

      Whether it’s a Wikipedia listing, an industry award, a series of high-profile blog posts or a keynote speech, a dedicated part-time personal brand CMO can be significant in setting a strategy for getting your CEO brand recognized. Most thought leadership activities are a time-consuming business, and one that tends to fall by the wayside when the business’s CMO and their marketing staff are busy with other projects. Having a dedicated person who is focused on promoting your CEO brand can make a substantial difference.

      Media preparedness and placement.

      While the standard way to gain media attention is to engage a PR firm, a fractional CMO often produces better results by bringing more laser-like focus and attention to your personal CEO story and thought leadership. In addition, since the interim CMO has you as their core PR client, they are able to put in the personal time, attention and follow-up not typically found in PR firms. Furthermore, when the media does come calling, a seasoned fractional CMO will be invaluable at coaching you in the interview and presentation skills needed to firmly establish your CEO brand.

      Book conception, writing and publication.

      The world of book publishing has changed substantially in the past few years, and the path from concept to publication is longer, harder and more involved than anyone (who has never written a book) can imagine. A fractional CMO — especially one with book writing experience — can be invaluable in helping you shape, write, sell and ultimately promote your book.

      Establishing a social media presence and following.

      Determining the best platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to use to build your CEO brand and then putting a plan in place to build an audience requires a researched, strategic approach. While many company

      CMOs are well versed in how to handle the social media for the business, personal branding social media management requires a particular expertise.

      Be sure to inquire as to whether the person you are hiring has developing a personal executive or CEO brand as a subset of what they offer. A fractional CMO who also has a background in management consulting, organizational development and leadership development will prove invaluable.

      The bottom line is that the beauty of hiring a fractional CMO to help build your CEO brand is that they are not an employee. They require no management and can take over activities that would otherwise require the time and energy of your business’s marketing team.

      For more information on how to build your CEO brand through SMG’s customized, outsourced CMO services, please contact Karen Tiber Leland.