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Karen Tiber Leland gives tips on avoiding Zoom Fatigue

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Today I want to talk about why and how Zoom Fatigue happens as well as five easy ways to nip it in the bud.
In my webinar How to Look Better, Feel More Comfortable, and Be More Productive When Video Conferencing, I get asked all the time about Zoom fatigue. It’s a topic on the mind of many executives, salespeople, and entrepreneurs –  especially as video conferencing use has increased so dramaticaly during COVID-19.  Here are five tips I cover in the podcast:

5 Tips to Avoid Zoom Fatigue

  • Stop staring at yourself — Instead of checking out your hair, and how your shirt looks, adjust the view so that you see the other people on the call – not yourself. 
  • Take a break between calls — Back to back calls will wear you out and increase your Zoom fatigue. Try to schedule a 10-15-minute break between calls and if you can get up and go outside, walk around your house, have a glass of water, or look out a window at some trees. 
  • Go audio-only — If it’s a call that doesn’t require as much emotional connection or if it is with people you know, consider going off camera. Not every call needs a video component. Less video equals less Zoom Fatigue. 
  • Walk-N-Talk — Try going for a walk during your call: it’s been proven that walking and talking is good for your mind as well as your creativity.
  • Stick to the timing of the call — People arriving late or leaving early are a tiring disruption. Zoom fatigue can be reduced by creating a time limit for each meeting and setting up an expectation that everyone will be there at the start – not 5 minutes late. 

About Karen Tiber Leland

Karen Tiber Leland is the founder of Sterling Marketing Group, a branding, marketing, and color strategy and implementation firm helping CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs develop stronger personal, business, and team brands. Her clients include Cisco, American Express, Marriott Hotels, Apple Computer, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
She is also the best-selling author of nine traditionally-published business books that have sold over 400,000 copies and been translated into 10 languages. Her most recent book is The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build, and Accelerate Your Brand. She regularly writes for and and has had articles published in Self, The Los Angeles Times, American Way, The Boston Globe, and many others.
Karen has spoken for Harvard, The AMA, Direct Marketing Association, and Stanford, among others. She has been interviewed on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, and Oprah.
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