Brand Marketing Strategy

      Strategies and Services to Expand Your Reach, Reputation and Top-Line Revenue

      Are Your Looking for a Brand Marketing Firm to Help You Build A Brand Marketing Strategy?

      SMG is a brand marketing firm that specializes in personal, team, and business branding and implementation for thought and industry leadership, reputation management, CEO branding, and business brand marketing strategy and positioning.

      Through our proprietary Brand Mapping©, Modern Marketing Pyramid©, and Branding from The Inside Out© processes, we work with our clients to create the awareness, develop the vision, and implement a brand marketing strategy by which they can move their personal, team, and business brands to the next level. The individuals and businesses who come to SMG share some common attributes:

      • Our clients are looking for a brand marketing firm to help them build a brand marketing strategy that expands their current reach to a larger audience. They know they need to be head and shoulders above the crowd, sought after, and seen as having high value—but they are not always sure of how to navigate the branding, PR, and marketing waters to get there.

      • Our clients want to be seen as thought and industry leaders but are often at a loss for the best way to get there. Previous engagements have frequently left them frustrated and wondering what the most effective path would be—both online and off.

      • Our clients realize they need to be well positioned online, but most don’t have the time (or knowledge) to negotiate the world of online reputation well, and yet they understand how that world is a goldmine when properly set up and utilized.

      • Our clients want to work with a brand marketing firm that can go beyond strategy to implementation in a cost-effective, efficient, and timely way. They want to pay for results—not overhead.

      • Our clients understand that the world of branding and marketing is constantly changing and want to ensure that their personal and/or business brands are keeping up with best practices.

      SMG helps our clients asses their current level of brand excellence and articulate 7 critical aspects of the personal and/or business branding strategy. In addition, we assess over 40 potential brand-building tactics and choose the ones that are most effective for the client. We then translate these into a 1-year plan to put their personal and/or business brand into action within their company and industry. Our highly researched strategy typically includes:

      • Assessment of long-term, strategic brand strengths, direction, and opportunities
      • Macroanalysis of the state of the market and current strength/weakness of the brand
      • Best opportunities to penetrate the market with a defined brand
      • Competitive analysis and key attributes
      • Best social media avenues and traditional PR activities to build the brand
      • Brand tagline
      • Positioning statement
      • Brand monetization strategy
      • Digital brand strategy
      • Timelines
      • Deliverables and milestone projections
      • Budget
      • Developing a process for overall brand look and feel of website

      Finally, we will develop a series of “brand messages” that are on target with the brand. The resulting “messaging” will be integrated into the collateral materials, brand, and buzz building and thought leadership activities of the strategy.

      The final result is a custom strategy plan, which can be implemented immediately by SMG, Inc., the client themselves, a vendor(s) of the client’s choice, or a combination of the above.

      For those of our clients who are looking for a brand marketing firm that offers “done-for-you” services, founder Karen Tiber Leland can engage with you as a concierge brand manager to implement the strategy designed. Our projects are designed to:

      • Directly work toward outcomes that go beyond “feel good” to increased reputation, revenue, and top-line results.
      • Directly benefit the CEO or C-suite brand, resulting in an increased leadership capability.
      • Directly benefit the client’s specific work group, segment, or company at large, via the implementation of the branding strategy.
      • Be actionable and observable in present-day and immediate-future results.
      • Be completed or achieve substantial progress within a three- to six-month time frame.

      For more information on how SMG can help you please contact us to schedule a complimentary 20-minute telephone consultation.