Building a Personal Brand

      Are you a CEO, C-suite executive, entrepreneur or expert looking to turn up the volume on your personal brand and establish your thought leadership?

      The Critical Importance of Building a Personal Brand

      Many highly successful entrepreneurs, executives, small business owners, and CEOs are interested in building a personal brand to leverage their existing position to benefit both their business and personal brands. Most of these leaders who come to SMG are looking to achieve one or more of the following personal branding objectives. Are you looking to:

      • More firmly establish your CEO or personal brand?
      • Expand your influence though building a personal brand?
      • Become known as a thought leader?
      • Improve your company’s valuation through your personal brand?
      • Play the game at a new level?
      • Develop a new business or market?
      • Make your mark in a related arena?
      • Position yourself for promotion or job search?
      • Explore other business opportunities within your field?
      • Promote important personal initiatives?

      With a proven background and deep bench in helping CEOs, high-end entrepreneurs, and C-suite executives in building a personal brand to the next level,

      SMG collaborates with clients and serves as your brand developer and manager to implement two proprietary programs—the Brand Mapping© Process and the Modern Marketing Pyramid©.

      We implement a three-phase strategic and comprehensive approach that integrates business development, branding, content/Internet marketing, public relations, and social media. Our “done for you” services promote your personal brand, book, business, product, or initiative. Projects, which are customized based on unique needs and objectives, may include:

      Phase One ­– Building Your Brand’s Foundation. This first phase of the SMG process is focused on creating a foundation that supports building a personal brand long term with activities including:

      • Fully fleshing out a well-articulated brand via the Brand Mapping© Process
      • Creating or updating your website & other personal collateral
      • Making your social media consistent across all platforms in tone, feel, & message
      • Researching & putting a solid strategic plan in place your personal brand

      Phase Two – Brand and Buzz Building. With your brand platform and foundation solidly in place, this second phase involves engaging in promoting your personal brand, book, business, or product. At this point we are planting the seeds that position you for long-term thought and industry leadership including, but not limited to:

      • Developing pitches and one sheets for media, conference producers, & influencers
      • Writing book proposals & blog proposals to secure book deals, blogs, & articles
      • Ghost writing, editing, and promoting e-Books on your desired subject area
      • Regularly posting on social media to build your brand
      • Creation of editorial calendars based on keyword research
      • Ongoing brand management, coaching, and consulting

      Phase Three – Expanding Your Brand Awareness. At this phase of the process, we are establishing your brand on a bigger scale. Momentum should be building, and we are ready to reach out to media and promote you. Some of the activities can include:

      • Implementing a blog tour
      • Doing a radio campaign
      • Pitching you to reporters who cover the space you want to be known in
      • Placing you on podcasts, webcasts, and TV
      • Identify conferences & speaking opportunities for your personal brand

      How is SMG different? To begin with, we go beyond strategy and message development to offer done-for-you services for building a personal brand. In addition, over the past 25 years, Karen Tiber Leland has worked as a management and marketing consultant, keynote speaker, spokesperson, media guest, freelance writer and reporter, and author.

      Having sat on both sides of the media—as a journalist and a guest—has given Karen a deep understanding of the intricacies of today’s on- and off-line media environment. Likewise, the decades she spent doing consulting with Fortune 500 companies has infused a systems approach, based on best practices, to her marketing and branding processes.

      How we measure success and our results at building a personal brand. We measure our success by meeting the specific deliverables set with a client for their project. Some of our recent results include:

      • One client generated $25,000 worth of business two weeks after a single consulting session.
      • An author was offered an online column at a top-ten website using our recommended strategy.
      • We wrote, pitched, and placed an article on Forbes.com that became #1 and resulted in an NPR interview.
      • Creation of an award-winning website that helped increase the client’s business by 25 percent.

      For more information on how SMG can help you design and implement your personal brand, contact us to schedule a complimentary 20-minute telephone consultation.