Keynote Speaking on Personal Branding, CEO Branding, Leadership and Inclusion

      Karen Tiber Leland has given presentations, workshops and keynote speeches in more than 50 countries around the world. She has spoken for Harvard, Yale, TEDx, Google, The American Management Association, The American Marketing Association, YPO, Stanford and many others. Karen is best known for high energy, humorous and interactive programs that are research based and practical. Karen travels from NYC and will speak anywhere a plane, train or car can take her.

      Keynote Speeches

      “Your work has a keen sensibility not usually found in comparable speakers.I continue to be impressed with its quality and your results.”

      Director Professional Development, Fidelity

      Create A Personal Brand That Boosts Your Productivity, People Skills and Career

      Your personal brand is not a single statement or clever quip but a pathway to positioning yourself as a leader in your company, community and career.

      For example. Studies show that 48 percent of employers choose not to hire (or promote) a candidate based on their online content, 65 percent of journalists use social media to find sources, and there is a 44 percent increase in networking effectiveness when LinkedIn is used.

      This presentation introduces the Personal Brand Mapping© Process and helps everyone from the secretary to CEO create a stronger brand — online and off. Topics include:

      • Why having a personal brand is not an option
      • Creating Your Personal Brand Roadmap©
      • Finding the “weather you bring with you”
      • 5 best personal branding practices

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      “Participants loved the interaction and specific take-away ideas. I really appreciate your going the extra mile to tailor the presentation for our group; this came through loud and clear on the evaluations.”

      Director of Education and Communications, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals

      Why You Need to Build Your Executive and CEO Brand for Thought Leadership and Reputation Management

      Far from being a luxury, or an exercise in ego, building an executive or CEO brand is a requirement in today’s world.

      Close to 50 percent of a company’s reputation can be attributed to the standing of its CEO, and 70 percent of people surveyed say the reputations of the CEO and other executives are critical in attracting talent.

      This presentation introduces the CEO/Executive Brand Matrix© and helps today’s leaders excel in their role as their company’s Chief Brand Ambassador. Topics include:

      • Creating a parallel brand that enhances the business brand
      • Creating your Brand Matrix©
      • 3 steps to thought leadership
      • The role of executive presence in creating a CEO/Executive brand

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      “You consistently rate among our top speakers at conferences.The overwhelming positive feedback we receive from attendees about you is that you are practical, fun, and have valuable information to contribute to any company. There are few speakers out there who know their audience as well as you do!”

      Conference Producer, Inc.Magazine

      Leveraging Diversity of Contribution and Thought to Create a More Inclusive Workplace

      The American workplace has more diversity today than ever before, with 67 percent of job seekers saying a diverse workforce matters when considering job offers and 83 percent of millennials reporting feeling more engaged when their company fosters an inclusive culture.

      So how does an organization get to the point where diversity and inclusion becomes part of their company culture — one employee at a time?

      This presentation introduces the Contribution Archetype Model© and provide a unique way approach inclusion, without a specific focus on race or gender. Each participant will find a deeper understanding of their own contribution, and an enhanced appreciation of the unique contribution of colleagues and customers. Topics include:

      • Identifying your Contribution Archetype©
      • How to create more inclusive teams through archetypes
      • 3 ways diversity in thinking leads to better outcomes
      • Avoiding FOMO and focusing instead on your greatest contribution

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      “I am searching through an electronic thesaurus trying to identify the adjectives that describe your presentation.Words like professional, experienced, sensational, stimulating, dynamic, and inspiring come to mind.”

      Marketing Manager, Apple Computer, Inc.

      “You deliver! I’ve used hundreds of presenters for our magazines and conferences and for seminars I run for the American Management Association.You were rated outstanding by a challenging audience of presidents and CEOs offast-growing companies.Your materials and message were right on target.”

      Director Events Marketing, American Management Association