The Brand Mapping Process

    A multilayered, congruent story told across multiple channels.

    Personal and business branding is not just a single statement or a clever quip but a multilayered, congruent story told across multiple channels, both online and off. The power is in knowing how to tell the story.

    Using the SMG Brand Mapping© process, the client will be facilitated through a one-day dialog and experiential session. The process focuses on discovering and honing the eight elements of an engaging and effective personal and business brand and addresses:

    • Creating a unique personal and business branding proposition and promise. What is the thought leadership that you bring?
    • Using language and behaviors for powerfully communicating your presence. How can your use of language and presence create greater influence and meaning on a broader scale and with a bigger audience?
    • Developing a personal and business brand story that is both authentic and informative. What is your brand narrative, and how can it be most powerfully presented?
    • Achieving clarity on your current brand and where adjustments are needed. Where do you stand today in terms of reputation, and is that where you want to be?
    • Identifying personal and business brand diffusers and neutralizers and coming up with an enhancement plan. In what ways are you helping or hurting your brand?
    • Uncovering your core brand energy and infusing your brand with a distinct energy, mood and tone. What is the essence of your personal and business brand?
    • Translating the brand into a specific website architecture and other brand identity collateral materials, which can be communicated as the basis for design or redesign, as needed.

    In addition to the one-day Brand Mapping© session, as part of this process, the client will receive: a current brand position intake and evaluation, revision of the personal LinkedIn profile, creation of a personal branded biography, and a six-month branding strategy specific to the client’s objectives.

    For more information on The Brand Mapping Process©, please contact us to schedule a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation.