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Save with our customized Touch Points Process

Our highly customized Touch Points Process© is a “sober” approach to your business brand. Clients tell us this process has saved them between $30k – $300k in wasted expense and between 6-12 months of wasted effort.

We offer a concierge suite of “done for you” brand strategy services that powerfully support and enhance your personal and business brand strategy.

 Clarify brand position and roadmap.

Through our unique Brand Mapping Process©, SMG will help you articulate the 9 core aspects of your brand required for effective positioning and create a specific 12-18 month strategic plan to move your brand to the next level.

 Create powerful brand messaging.

We will work to define your brands’ specific market(s), their attributes, and what they search for online, and then translate that information into specific and targeted brand messages.

 Build your brand strategy.

Our proven Modern Marketing Mastery Process© researches and creates a specific 12-18 month branding and marketing strategy for your personal or business brand. 

 Create award winning logos, websites and brand collateral.

We will write, design, and build your new or revised website, including a new logo and color scheme, as needed. We can also work with you to create “on brand” collateral for your presentations, marketing, and promotional materials.

 Manage and grow social media.

Beginning with the creation of a 12-month editorial calendar, SMG can engage in a process to dramatically increase your social media footprint through organic outreach. In addition, we can take over the management of your social media — creating, curating, and posting content.

 Create quality content.

We can help you create unique content from your knowledge base. Then we can write and curate “on brand” blogs, articles, social media posts, podcasts, book proposals, e-Books, presentation decks, infographics and more.

 Generate Media Placement and PR.

SMG will design and pitch story ideas to media outlets that effectively position you and your business as a go-to resource.  

 Media Training.

We work with you to create a strong set of sound bites including stories, statistics, and points of view built around your core brand messages. We will then coach you in how to powerfully communicate these sound bites to the media. 

 Color & Design Analysis.

As a certified color strategist, Karen Tiber Leland can do a highly personalized color and design style analysis to determine the most on-brand “visual” messaging elements for your business or personal  brand. 

Karen Leland

Trusted Brand Strategy Partner

Headshot of Karen Tiber LeLand

Karen Tiber Leland is the founder of Sterling Marketing Group, a branding & marketing strategy firm helping CEO’s, executives, and entrepreneurs, build stronger personal, team and business brands. Her clients include: Apple, AT&T, LinkedIn, Marriott, and Google.  She is the best-selling author of twelve traditionally published books, which have sold more than 450,000 copies. Her latest is The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build and Accelerate Your Brand. Karen has spoken at Harvard, Stanford, American Management Associaion and TedX.  She is a frequent guest of the media and has been interviewed by New York Times, Today Shoe, Fox, CNBC, Fortune, Inc., Entrepreneur and many others. 

For more information, check out Karen’s video series on CEO and Executive Branding.

Where does your brand stand?

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Where Does Your Brand Stand?

This simple nine-question quiz will help you easily determine what phase your personal or business brand is in and how to move it to the next level.

There is a definitive time period I mark as Pre-The Brand Mapping Strategy© and Post. Working with Karen was a monumental experience and resulted in direct growth including partnerships with Apple, Whole Foods Foundation, and Fujifilm. 
A. Popplewell, CEO
100 Cameras.Org
For years, we have struggled with telling people what our unique offering is and positioning ourselves to capture the clients we can best serve. You were able to understand my business quickly and efficiently position us so that people understand what we do and opt in. We saw results right away. Your no-nonsense and direct professionalism means things happen quickly and at the very highest standard.
J. Klein
CEO, Inner Matrix Systems
The consulting you provided was extremely valuable. Your experience and perspective were critical in helping us design a brand strategy that meets all our business brand objectives.
L. Baskin, Senior Manager Credit

More Testimonials

SMG Touch Points Process©

The SMG Touch Points Process, including social media, video, website, blogs, books, email, webinars, speaking, podcasts, pr, ads, and articles.

SMG can design a customized 6-12 month brand strategy services process that takes your business, team, CEO, or personal brand through the SMG Touch Points© process to move it to the next level.

 Best Branding Practices

 Personalized Service

 Promised Deliverables

7 Reasons Why SMG is a Good Partner to Bring Your
Brand to the Next Level.

20+ Years of expertise

in the area of personal, CEO, & business branding/marketing.

Management consulting background

Karen has worked on employee engagement, leadership development, and customer engagement projects around the world. We deeply understand how to create Branding From The Inside Out.

Private concierge service

Unlike many firms where the people who head the project don’t do the work, our projects are exclusively executed by our founder Karen Tiber Leland.

Proven track record

of best practices & success in a wide variety of organizations & industries around the world.

Long-term brand equity

A one-time investment with us yields a distinctive brand identity, messaging, and strategy and helps secure a strong, long-term brand position.

Knows how to tell a story

Karen Tiber Leland is an award-winning writer, best-selling author, working actor, television reporter, and exhibiting artist.

Unparalleled performance guarantee

that says the work we do is not complete until we deliver what we promise. We don’t work on a retainer model, but rather on mutually agreed-upon deliverables.