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Where Does Your Brand Stand?

This simple nine-question quiz will help you easily determine what phase your personal or business brand is in and how to move it to the next level. Consider each question and go with the first answer that occurs to you. 

Don’t overthink or rationalize it. The feeling you get in your gut is usually the right one. In addition, don’t base your answer on where you hope to be someday in the future, but on where you are today. When you are finished, submit your answers and get your score and recommended next steps by email.

I am answering this quiz for my:

1. I/We use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms to build brand awareness, engagement, and traffic for our/my brand.

2. I/We are proactively engaged in media outreach about our business or my personal brand to both online and offline outlets such as blogs, radio, magazines, newspapers, and television.

3. I/We can clearly articulate our brand messages and speak authentically and easily about my/our brand attributes, promise, and uniqueness in a way that is easily understandable by my/our various audiences.

4. I/We speak at industry conferences, association meetings, webinars,and other public forums that would be interested in my/our business and/or area of expertise.

5. I/We have identified the most important keywords or content topics for my/our brand and actively weave them into content I/we create including blog posts, articles, podcasts, etc

6. I/We have developed substantial quality content such as blog posts, articles, Ebooks, white papers, podcasts, traditional books, videos, etc. around my/our area of expertise and have used these for lead-generation and lead-nurturing purposes.

7. I/We have defined the profile and characteristics of my/our ideal client(s) and have developed marketing materials, services, and offers that speak to these audiences.

8. I/We update my/our website (or other brand collateral such as headshots, social media profiles, etc.) as needed so that they reflect current best practices, are well-designed, well-written, on brand and are designed to create engagement.

9. I/We have a specific personal or business brand strategy in place and regularly monitor it, track the results, and adjust as needed.

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