Selected Client Work

At SMG we specialize in branding & marketing strategy and implementation for business, CEO, and personal branding, thought and industry leadership, reputation management and brand positioning.


Conducted a series of talks/workshops sponsored by Apple for small businesses across the US on building a competitive brand.

quotemarkI am searching for adjectives that describe your presentation. Words like professional, experienced, sensational, stimulating, dynamic and inspiring come to mind.


Facilitated a two-day executive team retreat to create a brand strategy and achieve buy in from all participants.

quotemarkBecause of your work we are proceeding to the next level in our brand and our group of executives are unanimously aligned.

Orlando Magic

Led a one-day brand strategy session to address and solve priority issues.

quotemarkYour consulting was insightful and very practical. I have immediately been able to apply it to address specific brand issues within the organization.

Sun Valley Rice

Worked as a fractional CMO to create new award-winning website, significant media placement (New York Times, CNN etc.) and increase social media following and engagement by more than 1000%.

quotemarkAs our fractional CMO, you were able to get done in a few short months things we had been struggling to achieve for years.

Hoffman Institute

Ongoing consulting for brand strategy, ideation and implementation.

quotemarkYour generous support and expertise have helped us to overcome many obstacles and achieve enduring growth and success in building a world class brand.


Led a series of webinars and live workshops for Forums and groups around the world on creating a CEO brand.

quotemarkThe comments I received such as dynamic, interactive, energetic and immediately usable – indicate the take home value you provided.


Conducted a consultation session for internal group on creating a stronger brand with high level clients.

quotemarkYour assistance at our meeting was fantastic! You set the stage for AT&T to truly show our clients that we are their partners now and in the future.

Fedx Kinkos

Gave a keynote speech at conference on the power of personal branding.

quotemarkYour session was fast-paced, fun and interactive. We have received some great feedback and as you know we have a tough group to please.

Bank of America

Led Brand Ambassador© training for groups of leaders across the United States.

quotemarkI wanted to let you know how outstandingly positively our experience with your company was. The influence of your training was felt far beyond the online classroom.


Worked with a senior executive on establishing her personal brand and revising her LinkedIn profile.

quotemarkYou helped me accurately and succinctly position myself to the professional community.

100 Cameras

Facilitated a brand off site to establish brand position, language and strategy. Coached CEO for a year, contributing to a significant increase in corporate sponsorships.

quotemarkWorking with Karen was a monumental experience that resulted in direct growth and partnerships with Apple, Whole Foods Foundation, and Fujifilm.

EnPro Industries

Conducted a series of webinars on effective use of Zoom including lighting, dress, colors to wear and effective communication on video conferencing.

quotemarkGiven the the spend a huge amount of time on Zoom with customers, staff and each other, this was exactly the session my senior leaders needed to up their game on video conferencing communications.

Inner Matrix Systems

Headed up a total rebrand including: brand positioning and strategy, marketing communication strategy and website content resulting in new high end client acquisition.

quotemarkYou were instrumental in the major rebrand for my company, setting us up to scale. We saw results right away.

Cooper’s Hawk

Created CEO brand position and one year strategy including podcasts, social media editorial calendar and new on brand headshots.

quotemarkOur discussions led me to think about my motivations with a fresh perspective and helped take my personal brand to a whole new level.

Ken LaGrande

Created a ground up CEO brand including CEO website, social media management and media placement in such outlets as New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, CNBC.

quotemarkThe CEO brand website and social media you built for me are exactly what I had envisioned in moving my brand forward.

Miracle Foundation

Worked as a fractional CMO to create a new award-winning website, establish robust social media and design fundraising campaigns.

quotemarkThe Brand work has transformed our marketing, collateral and our overall strategy as well. Our worldwide team now has a powerful way to talk about who we are.


Worked on CEO brand to create positioning, top notch LinkedIn profile and personal branding strategy.

quotemarkI have found your one-on-one expertise and advice for my personal and business brand to be invaluable.

Soul of Money

Worked with the client and her team to create a new award-winning website and design a brand strategy.

quotemarkYour work with our team to ensured that our voices were heard and that the expression of our work and message online was accurate and compelling.

Paula Moulton

Managed client’s brand positioning and created a new award-winning website, established social media content plan and edited client’s book.

quotemarkI could not have done this without your enthusiasm and trailblazing brilliance!

Taming Your Alpha Bitch

Implemented a blogger outreach program to help promote the client’s book to NYT best seller status.

quotemarkThank you so much for being an integral part of the team that got my book to New York Times Best-Seller list.

Yoga with Weights for Dummies

Worked with the author to write a top-notch book proposal that resulted in the book being sold to a top ten publisher.

quotemarkYou led me thorough this process with great success. Your insights into social networking and public relations was priceless.

7 Reasons Why SMG is a Good Partner to Bring Your
Brand to the Next Level.

20+ Years of expertise

in the area of personal, CEO, & business branding/marketing.

Management consulting background

Karen has worked on employee engagement, leadership development, and customer engagement projects around the world. We deeply understand how to create Branding From The Inside Out.

Private concierge service

Unlike many firms where the people who head the project don’t do the work, our projects are exclusively executed by our founder Karen Tiber Leland.

Proven track record

of best practices & success in a wide variety of organizations & industries around the world.

Long-term brand equity

A one-time investment with us yields a distinctive brand identity, messaging, and strategy and helps secure a strong, long-term brand position.

Knows how to tell a story

Karen Tiber Leland is an award-winning writer, best-selling author, working actor, television reporter, and exhibiting artist.

Unparalleled performance guarantee

that says the work we do is not complete until we deliver what we promise. We don’t work on a retainer model, but rather on mutually agreed-upon deliverables.

You do a first-class job of sorting out and clarifying what goes into world-class branding.
A. Wilke, Senior VP Operations
Mary Kay
You led me thorough this process with great success and your insights into social networking and public relations was priceless. Lastly your enthusiasm and energy made you an absolute joy to work with.
S. Baptiste
Author, Yoga with Weights for Dummies, Baptiste Power of Yoga
As CMO for various public companies, I’ve worked with many agencies and consultants in the area of Social Media. Karen’s knowledge, skill, and lucidity on this subject matter is hands-down the best I’ve experienced. She takes a very complicated issue and makes it easy to understand, practical, and actionable.
A. Morehouse, SVP Corporate Strategy
Because of your work we are proceeding to the next level in our brand and our group of executives are unanimously aligned. Without your help, I would not have been able to help them see this vision.
R. Frain, VP retail accounting
Coors Brewing Company
Rather than people paying attention to what I am wearing, people are receiving what I am saying in a whole new way. I feel received and connected in a way I have not experienced before.
M. Pierson
Executive Coach
I must confess that your session on executive branding was the biggest eye opener I have had in years. It was also one of the best presentations I have had the opportunity to attend.
H. Cowell
Managing Director, SC Johnson Wax

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