Design Build and Accelerate Your Brand, by Karen Tiber Leland

A fundamental paradigm shift has occurred in marketing and branding. Today the most successful CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs and enterprises set their sites on developing a long-term platform instead of a short-term strategy that supports and builds buzz for their personal or business brand. That’s really the key to the new business mindset — the recognition that branding and  marketing are an ongoing, steady stream of small efforts, not a series of gigantic pushes.

Social media, blogging and other business development activities — both online and off — are about the persistent, ongoing process of building a platform, creating credibility and increasing the number of people that you funnel into your potential client and network pipeline.Converting those people into clients or fans may take a month, a year or two years, but the new mindset leads you to strategies that will keep that pipeline full.  In short, you need to start a bunch of small fires to keep your brand burning hot.

The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build and Accelerate Your Brand (Entrepreneur Press, June 2016) helps entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs and executives create a brand (business or personal) by design instead of default, gain greater influence in their industries and companies and become thought/industry leaders in their field.

How can you make a brand synonymous with leadership, intelligence, and integrity? Karen Leland answers these questions and more with insight, warmth, and wit. This is a book that will help you raise your profile and turn heads.

John Paul Rollert
Harvard Extension School

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