Is it Time to Rebrand Your Business?

In today’s ever-evolving marketplace, rebranding of a company is not just about refreshing your logo and tagline. It is about capturing the essence of your brand’s ongoing journey.

Rebranding your business involves reflecting your brand’s growth, evolution, and commitment to remain relevant to your customers, employees, and the marketplace. Contemplating a company rebrand? Partner with us to fortify your brand’s future relevance and enduring impact.

Top Reasons Why Clients Choose to Rebrand with SMG

Respond and Adapt to Market Changes: As the market evolves, so should your brand. Stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant in your industry.

Revitalize a Stagnant Brand: Breathe new life into your brand by updating its look, feel, and messaging.

Company Growth or Evolution: Has your company’s vision, focus or goals shifted?  Your brand needs to catch up and clearly reflect this.

Align with Current Brand Values and Mission: Ensure your brand’s external image is congruent with its internal ethos and objectives.

Overcome Negative Publicity: Sometimes, a brand refresh is necessary to move past a negative incident or crisis and start on a fresh note.

Our Comprehensive Rebranding Process

At SMG we employ a thorough and meticulous approach to ensure the success of your company rebranding. Our start to finish process includes:

Market Research and Analysis: Before making any recommendations regarding rebranding your business, we dive deep into the current market to understand where your brand stands today, and how it needs to evolve.

Strategy Design: Based on the insights and data we collect, we will craft a unique rebranding strategy tailored to your business vision and goals.

Brand Voice and Messaging: Establish a consistent and compelling brand narrative that resonates with your target audiences.

Visual Brand Identity: From logos and color palettes, to award winning websites, we redefine your brand’s visual touchpoints to be captivating and consistent.

Implementation: We ensure that the new company branding strategy is seamlessly integrated across all platforms and touchpoints – online and off.

Measurement and Feedback: To gauge the success of your company rebrand, we measure its impact and gather feedback for continuous improvement.

Embark on Your Company Rebranding Journey Today

Your brand deserves a fresh start and an identity that genuinely represents its values, goals, and promises to your customers, employees, and community.

Karen Leland

Trusted Branding Partner

Headshot of Karen Tiber LeLand

Karen Tiber Leland is the founder of Sterling Marketing Group, a branding & marketing strategy firm helping CEO’s, executives, and entrepreneurs, build stronger personal, team and business brands. Her clients include: Apple, AT&T, LinkedIn, Marriott, and Google.  She is the best-selling author of twelve traditionally published books, which have sold more than 450,000 copies. Her latest is The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build and Accelerate Your Brand. Karen has spoken at Harvard, Stanford, American Management Associaion and TedX.  She is a frequent guest of the media and has been interviewed by New York Times, Today Shoe, Fox, CNBC, Fortune, Inc., Entrepreneur and many others. 

Our team is still buzzing with excitement from last weekend’s session. You are nothing short of a strategic magician!
T. Cruz, President
For years, we have struggled with telling people what our unique offering is and positioning ourselves to capture the clients we can best serve. You were able to understand my business quickly and efficiently position us so that people understand what we do and opt in. We saw results right away. Your no-nonsense and direct professionalism means things happen quickly and at the very highest standard.
J. Klein
CEO, Inner Matrix Systems
There is a definitive time period I mark as Pre-The Brand Mapping Strategy© and Post. Working with Karen was a monumental experience and resulted in direct growth including partnerships with Apple, Whole Foods Foundation, and Fujifilm. 
A. Popplewell, CEO
100 Cameras.Org

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