Beyond Business as Usual

Beyond Business As Usual

I was born to two very smart parents with a penchant for reading, the arts, and camping. 

To be honest, while I love being outdoors, for the most part I’ll take a pass on sleeping in a tent.

I have talked trade with camel herders in Rajasthan at the Pushkar Camel Fair; worked with children in displacement camps in Iraq; communed with Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda; ridden on the back of a horse while he swam through a deep river in Costa Rica and have seriously studied hula dancing in Hawaii.

A herd of horses at sunset
A group of camel herders
A mountain gorilla
A Hawaiian totem pole
Red tomatoes

I’ve attended cooking school in Bologna, Italy – where grandmothers dressed in all black yelled at me in Italian because my pasta was not thin enough;

I learned how to make a mean breakfast frittata in Paris, and once stole a piece of dark chocolate from the kitchen at a meditation retreat – try not to judge me too harshly: I was desperate.

Breakfast in Paris
Skyscrapers with a lake view

I’ve sung and danced in dozens of community musicals, exhibited my photos and artwork in shows across the U.S. and once I got lost in Bloomingdales in NYC – proving once and for all that I really do not have a good sense of direction.

Shopping in NYC
Whitney Museum of American Art, Manhattan, NYC

I believe I’m here to express my own creativity and support others in expressing theirs.