Leverage the Power of Color & Design to Transform Your Brand

Strategically used, color can help you create more credibility, attraction, and influence.

How do the colors that you wear, use in your business (websites, pitch decks, etc.), and have in your environment dramatically alter, influence, and impact the way your personal and business brand are experienced, and how your message is received?

The Signature Style Color System© is a visceral response system that creates congruence between your brand’s unique essence … and the colors (and design) you choose for your wardrobe, website, and workplace.

Color exhibit stating, "Every color is a different wavelength of light."

The SMG Signature Style Color System©

The SMG Signature Style Color System Color Wheel stating, "Design a personal color strategy to achieve your current personal and professional goals. Use color psychology in your workplace, website, wardrobe, and when video conferencing. Gain the career benefit of dressing for the "purpose" rather than "mood." Discover what colors to wear to generate more credibility attraction and receptivity."

The distinctive energy of your brand becomes more visible to the outside world in how you present yourself and your business.

Design websites and marketing collateral for maximum visual & brand impact

Create an identifying logo that best represents your brand feel

Determine powerful wardrobe choices for video conferencing

Enhance your CEO brand and executive presence

Create book & report covers that garner instant interest

Develop PowerPoint slide shows that engage your audience

Amplify your message on video conferences, webinars and from the stage

Uplift the mood and productivity of your office

7 Reasons Why SMG is a Good Partner to Bring Your
Brand to the Next Level.

20+ Years of expertise

in the area of personal, CEO, & business branding/marketing.

Management consulting background

Karen has worked on employee engagement, leadership development, and customer engagement projects around the world. We deeply understand how to create Branding From The Inside Out.

Private concierge service

Unlike many firms where the people who head the project don’t do the work, our projects are exclusively executed by our founder Karen Tiber Leland.

Proven track record

of best practices & success in a wide variety of organizations & industries around the world.

Long-term brand equity

A one-time investment with us yields a distinctive brand identity, messaging, and strategy and helps secure a strong, long-term brand position.

Knows how to tell a story

Karen Tiber Leland is an award-winning writer, best-selling author, working actor, television reporter, and exhibiting artist.

Unparalleled performance guarantee

that says the work we do is not complete until we deliver what we promise. We don’t work on a retainer model, but rather on mutually agreed-upon deliverables.

My experience is nothing short of remarkable. I feel more like myself in these colors.
A. Young
Rather than people paying attention to what I am wearing, people are receiving what I am saying in a whole new way. I feel received and connected in a way I have not experienced before.
M. Pierson
Executive Coach
The design and color choices you came up with for my pitch deck had a dramatic impact on how my message was received and the audiences very positive response. I could not be more thrilled at how such a seemingly small detail had such a big impact.
H. Maggie, CIO
Thank you for your facilitation at our advisory council meeting. Our people were all extremely positive on both your content and warm delivery!
H. Pate, VP customer relations
Seagram Canada
Your session was fast-paced, fun and interactive. We have received some great feedback and as you know we have a tough group to please.
A. Campbell Director of Training
Kinko’s Federal Express
Your focus on the role of technology in today’s challenging business brand environment was referred to by the participants as enlightening.
R. Lysaght V.P. Business Marketing

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