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Our Executive Coaching Services are meticulously crafted for high-performing leaders with a growth mindset who want to unlock unexpected results in themselves and those around them.

Leverage your inherent leadership skills with our proprietary high-performance Executive Leadership Coaching process designed to go beyond fine-tuning your capabilities to transcending conventional limits, breaking through challenges, and charting a course toward you and your team’s highest path of success.

The SMG Executive Coaching Process Has 3 Specific Applications.

Executive Presence Coaching

Based on research with more than 10,000 executives worldwide, Karen employs personalized strategies and practical techniques to help the CEO/C-suite develop a commanding presence, strong communication skills, and influential leadership abilities.

Growth and Change Management Consulting

Drawing on her work with INC.com, YPO, Vistage, and EO, Karen offers specialized coaching in proven strategies and methodologies to navigate complex organizational changes brought about by growth.

CEO Brand Building

Karen uses her unique Brand Map Process to help clients develop a cohesive personal branding strategy that aligns with their strengths, values, and vision. From crafting the CEO/executive’s personal brand narrative to optimizing their online presence (including LinkedIn) and generating media opportunities, Karen positions the CEO as a respected industry thought leader and influencer.

Executive Coaching In Action

How can your actions, what you say, and believe align with your executive presence in everyday work and business situations? The Leadership Coaching Process is based on a series of projects specific to the client’s scope of responsibility and is designed to meet the following criteria:

Directly benefit the business’s reputation, resulting in increased thought and industry leadership.

Directly benefit the client’s direct reports and/or the company at large via the implementation of the projects.

Directly work toward outcomes that go beyond “feel good” to practical application on the job and/or in the client’s overall business outreach on behalf of their company.

Be actionable and observable in the present and immediate future work-life situations.

Can be completed or can achieve substantial progress within a three- to six-month time frame.

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In addition, highly targeted coaching sessions with Karen Tiber Leland in preparation for upcoming public speaking situations, events, meetings, podcasts, media interviews, and other venues requiring a solid expression of executive presence are available.

Global Executive Coach Karen Tiber Leland

Headshot of Karen Tiber LeLand

For over 20 years, Karen Tiber Leland has worked as a global executive coach and strategist with Fortune 500 start-ups and mid-cap companies. Her expertise is crafting highly customized programs for excellence, healthy growth, and CEO performance. Her coaching methodology supports leaders in: 

  • Making the transition from founder to CEO
  • Learning to lead with healthy boundaries & authenticity
  • Feeling less alone & isolated in the C-Suite
  • Developing greater charisma & executive presence
  • Modeling principles & practices to establish a foundation for a healthy company culture
  • Taking on a significant change or challenge that requires doing things in a new & different way

Ready to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level?

Book an initial consultation with us at no charge. We will review your information and provide valuable insights and ideas tailored to your needs. No sales, just helpful information and guidance. Book a session with us here.

At SMG Executive Coaching Services, we are dedicated to helping you achieve stronger personal brands, executive presence, and leadership excellence. Don’t wait; invest in your success today.

Our team is still buzzing with excitement from last weekend’s session. You are nothing short of a strategic magician!
T. Cruz, President
For years, we have struggled with telling people what our unique offering is and positioning ourselves to capture the clients we can best serve. You were able to understand my business quickly and efficiently position us so that people understand what we do and opt in. We saw results right away. Your no-nonsense and direct professionalism means things happen quickly and at the very highest standard.
J. Klein
CEO, Inner Matrix Systems
There is a definitive time period I mark as Pre-The Brand Mapping Strategy© and Post. Working with Karen was a monumental experience and resulted in direct growth including partnerships with Apple, Whole Foods Foundation, and Fujifilm. 
A. Popplewell, CEO
100 Cameras.Org

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