Every executive should read The Brand Mapping Strategy. It will open their eyes to what their full potential is, transform how they portray themselves, open doors to opportunities they aspire to, and ultimately inspire their teams and organizations to perform and achieve for a higher purpose.
Nina Lualdi
Sr. Director of LATAM Innovation , Cisco
From the personal to the corporate, from large organizations to small, The Brand Mapping Strategy is a critical market advantage for the bold and ambitious.
Alan Weiss, Ph.D.
bestselling author of Million Dollar Consulting
With characteristic wit, charm and relatable anecdotes, Karen Leland’s The Brand Mapping Strategy swiftly whisks the reader through the steps necessary to establish themselves and their business not only as a thought leader, but a true leader. This is an important read for anyone building a business, with something to say, or who desires to be truly heard.
Binta Niambi Brown
Fortune magazine’s 40 Under 40 and Founder of Big Mouth Records and Fermata Entertainment
In this fast-changing, highly competitive era, it’s more important than ever to know who you are and express it with distinction. Karen Leland’s The Brand Mapping Strategy clearly and powerfully shows today’s CEO how to create a personal brand that has a dramatic impact not only on their reputation, but the reputation of their companies.
Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D.
Bestselling author of Age Wave
Building a personal brand is one of the essential skills for survival now and in the future. In The Brand Mapping Strategy, Karen Leland has provided a roadmap for every entrepreneur and CEO that is looking to master his or her brand and turn it into a profitable competitive advantage.
Stewart Emery
International bestselling author of Success Built to Last
Karen Leland’s The Brand Mapping Strategy is a must read for any C-level executive. It is full of practical advice for any leader looking to enhance their executive presence and transform their team.
Marjorie Hutchings
CIO, State Fund Insurance
The Brand Mapping Strategy has taken the mystery out of branding and provides a roadmap for any small business owner, entrepreneur, or CEO to dramatically elevate both their personal and company brands.
Adam Markel
CEO , New Peaks, formerly Peak Potentials
No matter what business you are in, you don’t just read The Brand Mapping Strategy; study it and use it as your personal tool to set yourself, your company and product apart from the pack.
Dave Austin
Author of the international bestselling book Be A Beast
The Brand Mapping Strategy is an exceptional book for those who truly want to build effective brands, rather than just talk about it. Candid and practical, Karen Leland’s emphasis on a research-based approach to brand building is a valuable guide for executives at every level.
Nathan Richter
Partner , Wakefield Research
In The Brand Mapping Strategy, Karen Leland provides insider secrets to creating a world-class brand. Leaders will be inspired to transform not only the expression of their own brand, but that of their team and company.
Olivia Fox Cabane
Author of The Charisma Myth
A must read for anyone who wants to stand out amongst the clutter by creatively promoting their brand attributes and relevantly communicating their full brand potential!
Thomas W. Merchant
Former International Marketing & Communications Manager , Peugeot Automobiles, Paris, France

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