Beyond Branding Your Business.

Far from being a luxury or an exercise in ego, building an executive or CEO brand is a requirement in today’s world.

Close to 50 percent of a company’s reputation can be attributed to the standing of its CEO, and 70 percent of people surveyed say the reputations of the CEO and other executives are critical in attracting talent.

At SMG, we believe strong executive branding involves taking a series of actions that are distinct from, and go beyond the branding of your business.

For CEOs (C-suite executives & high-end entrepreneurs), we create and implement a highly customized path for you in the areas of Personal/Executive Presence, Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Thought Leadership, and CEO Brand Collateral.

Executive Branding Matrix

We can work with you to implement our proprietary CEO Branding Matrix© Process including:

  • Manage your online presence and practicing CEO reputation management.
  • Create your executive presence and brand by design instead of default.
  • Establish your unique style of thought leadership through speaking and publishing.
  • Implement a content marketing strategy for your CEO brand.
  • Create your key personal CEO brand marketing collateral.
  • Secure placement in popular media (television, radio, print, podcasts and online).
  • Create online social media campaigns to build brand, drive traffic, and increase followers.
  • Write and promote eBooks, traditional books, and book proposals.
  • Write, design and build a unique CEO website that acts as a hub for your brand.

For more information, check out Karen’s video series on CEO Branding.

7 Reasons Why SMG is a Good Partner to Bring Your
Brand to the Next Level.

20+ Years of expertise

in the area of personal, CEO, & business branding/marketing.

Management consulting background

Karen has worked on employee engagement, leadership development, and customer engagement projects around the world. We deeply understand how to create Branding From The Inside Out.

Private concierge service

Unlike many firms where the people who head the project don’t do the work, our projects are exclusively executed by our founder Karen Tiber Leland.

Proven track record

of best practices & success in a wide variety of organizations & industries around the world.

Long-term brand equity

A one-time investment with us yields a distinctive brand identity, messaging, and strategy and helps secure a strong, long-term brand position.

Knows how to tell a story

Karen Tiber Leland is an award-winning writer, best-selling author, working actor, television reporter, and exhibiting artist.

Unparalleled performance guarantee

that says the work we do is not complete until we deliver what we promise. We don’t work on a retainer model, but rather on mutually agreed-upon deliverables.

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