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Branding/ Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Our proprietary & proven methodology will significantly move your personal, CEO, or business brand to the next level.

Branding/ Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Personal Branding

We can help you create the career you deserve, be a thought leader in your field and the person the media calls first.

Personal Branding

Executive/CEO Branding

Through our CEO Branding Matrix© we have helped CEOs, C-suite executives, and leading entrepreneurs dramatically turn up the volume on their personal brands and thought leadership.

Executive/CEO Branding

Color & Design Strategy

Learn the strategic power of color and design (in your wardrobe, website, and workplace) to create more credibility, attraction, and influence.

Color & Design Strategy

Work with Karen Tiber Leland & Sterling Marketing Group

Karen Tiber Leland
  • Rent My Brain Session
  • Brand Consulting
  • Webinars & Keynotes
  • “Done For You” Services
  • Off-Sites
  • Fractional CMO

We partner with clients across the globe to build stronger personal and business brands.


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