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      “How can you make a brand synonymous with leadership, intelligence, and integrity? Karen Leland answers these questions and more with insight, warmth, and wit. This book that will help you raise your profile and turn heads.”
      John Paul Rollert, Harvard Extension School

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      Karen is a contributor to Inc.com and Entrepreneur.com

      Karen Tiber Leland

      Karen Tiber Leland is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, management and marketing consultant, freelance writer, media guest, and more.

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      Karen Tiber Leland has given presentations, workshops and keynote speeches in more than 50 countries around the world. She has spoken for Harvard, Yale, TEDx, Google, The American Management Association, The American Marketing Association, YPO, Stanford and many others.

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      The Growing Trend Of Adding Legal CBD/Hemp To Health And Beauty Products

      Having discovered the use of CBD and hemp when she had to take in her sister who was having ovarian cancer three years ago, Tea guru Miriam Novalle is now utilizing CBD/Hemp in her business. Miriam is the CEO and founder of the world-renowned T Salon in New York City and the founder of High Tea Today. She discusses her new tea line which contains legal CBD/hemp buds and the growing trending of adding CBD/hemp to beauty and health products. She shares that hemp under 3% of THC is legal in every state of the union and it works amazingly for people with sleeping issues, for purification, for detox, and does wonders for the immunity before and after chemo treatment. She adds that it has no psychoactive ingredients so it doesn’t get you high. Miriam talks a little bit about how she got into the business, how she made it successful, and shares some insights on what she thinks are some of the lessons for entrepreneurs from the journey that she’s been through.

      Why We All Need To Become Global Citizens

      Kunal Sood is the Founder of X Fellows, Novus and X-Impact Group. Sood is also a TED Speaker and Resident. He discusses: How an extraordinary experience can transform a person’s life; what is the difference between an ordinary conference and a curated event and why we all need to be global citizens. Sood works with Fortune 500 companies such as Facebook, Google, and SAP, as well as social enterprises like X Prize Foundation, Singularity University , TED and United Nations. He has won numerous awards at the UN for his work as a leader in social impact, innovation, and media. 

      As an exponential entrepreneur, social impact strategist, and philanthropic leader, Sood is focused on promoting organizations that make a positive difference to humanity. his steadfast commitment to the field, Sood has received many honors that include the RoundGlass Samsara Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017, and. He has five masters which include an MBA from Kellogg and an MA in Positive Psychology from Penn.