Building A Brand-Centric Company Culture

    Building A Brand-Centric Company Culture

    It’s one thing to design the architecture of a company brand; it’s another to create a brand-focused culture where the brand is being lived day to day, at all levels of the organization.

    The process requires participation from the senior executive level to the front-line staff and takes between six months and one year to complete.

    Just as creating a personal brand has become a key component in managing individual careers, building a brand-centric business has become a nonnegotiable factor in company success. Simply having a good product is no longer good enough. According to research, 87 percent of corporate executives believe that having a strong corporate brand is as important as having strong product brands.

    How do you get to this sometimes-illusive state of organization-wide brand focus? It requires creating a culture where your brand promise is woven into the fabric of how your company does business.

    At SMG we work with SMB’s and Fortune 1000 companies to implement an organization-wide, in-depth consulting and training process that provides a six-point customer-centric approach to creating a brand-focused company culture. Points include:

    • The Customer Experience: Brand-Focused Connection
    • Walking the Branding Talk: Is Our Leadership a Product of the Product?
    • Lining Up All Your P’s and Q’s: Three Ways Customers Judge Your Company Brand
    • Brand Is Everyone’s Business: Treat & Train All Employees as Brand Ambassadors
    • Let Brand Energy Drive Brand Design
    • Utilizing the Power of Teams to Drive Continuous Brand Improvement
    • Create Narrative-Driven Standards: The Why of the What

    For more information on how SMG can work with your organization to create a brand-centric culture, please contact us to schedule a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation.