Rent My Brain

    Are you in need of a fresh perspective on your brand or professional guidance on your next steps?

    This is a power-packed, one-hour, high-speed shortcut telephone consulting session with SMG founder Karen Tiber Leland that gets to the heart of what’s next in your branding and marketing. Typical issues that bring people to a Rent My Brain session include:

    • Feeling conflicted and confused about their social media, marketing or brand strategy.
    • Wondering why their platform is not converting more clients.
    • Confusion about the best marketing strategies for the highest return on their money.
    • Frustration at not getting the recognition for thought leadership they deserve.
    • Dissatisfaction with the current state of their online brand including website, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    In this lightning-strike strategy session, you will leave with a three- to five-point doable action plan that you can immediately put into place that will result in increased business, income and buzz. Past client results from the consultation have included:

    • One client closed $25,000 worth of business by implementing one small adjustment.
    • An author was offered an online column at a top-ten website.
    • A company saved $15,000 by ditching a marketing strategy that would have wiped out their marketing budget, with no real results.
    • A client placed an article on that became #1 on the site that week and was subsequently interviewed by NPR and experienced an increase of 400 percent traffic to their website, and Arianna Huffington wrote about them in a book.
    • 6 months and 10k trying to come up with a name for their business, and we did it in the one-hour call.
    • 1 blog post that landed $33,000 worth of business.

    Schedule a Rent My Brain session today with Karen Tiber Leland, founder of SMG, and receive a discounted price of $500 (a $250 savings).