Team Branding Off-Site

    Team Branding Off-Site

    Team Branding Off-Site

    Taking the time to align your team’s brand and strategy now, saves time, effort and energy later.

    Team-Brand-Mapping-Process-900This one- to two-day intensive off-site strategy planning session is designed to facilitate a robust discussion with full engagement and alignment around the team’s future brand and strategic focus.

    Done right, a team brand can have a powerful impact on the team’s effectiveness and engagement with each other — and the rest of their organization. New and improved team skills are almost always required to make the team brand a reality, and as such challenge a team to grow in their personal and team talents. This off-site is a powerful process:

    • If your team needs a deeper alignment and commitment to the current team/project strategic direction.
    • If your team desires closer relationships between team members and a clearly defined code of conduct.
    • If your team wants renewed inspiration and engagement with the team, project or departmental purpose.
    • If a resolution of ongoing issues/disagreements about team/project direction is needed.
    • If an acknowledgement of, and commitment to, personal changes among the members is required to implement the team or project mission.
    • When you are forming a new project or intact team and/or have had a change in major team players and need to create alignment on purpose, objectives and strategy.

    During the off-site the team will create their next level of brand expression from inventing the future, rather than looking at the past; gain clarity on the team dynamics required to create the newly desired brand culture, develop and align on a strategic plan that is consistent with the team brand, and identify specific plans of action for both individuals and groups and then commit to their fulfillment.

    For more information on having Karen Tiber Leland, founder of SMG, facilitate a team branding off-site, please contact us to schedule a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation.

    The Brand Mapping Process

    The Brand Mapping Process

    The Brand Mapping Process

    A multilayered, congruent story told across multiple channels.

    Personal and business branding is not just a single statement or a clever quip but a multilayered, congruent story told across multiple channels, both online and off. The power is in knowing how to tell the story.

    Using the SMG Brand Mapping© process, the client will be facilitated through a one-day dialog and experiential session. The process focuses on discovering and honing the eight elements of an engaging and effective personal and business brand and addresses:

    • Creating a unique personal and business branding proposition and promise. What is the thought leadership that you bring?
    • Using language and behaviors for powerfully communicating your presence. How can your use of language and presence create greater influence and meaning on a broader scale and with a bigger audience?
    • Developing a personal and business brand story that is both authentic and informative. What is your brand narrative, and how can it be most powerfully presented?
    • Achieving clarity on your current brand and where adjustments are needed. Where do you stand today in terms of reputation, and is that where you want to be?
    • Identifying personal and business brand diffusers and neutralizers and coming up with an enhancement plan. In what ways are you helping or hurting your brand?
    • Uncovering your core brand energy and infusing your brand with a distinct energy, mood and tone. What is the essence of your personal and business brand?
    • Translating the brand into a specific website architecture and other brand identity collateral materials, which can be communicated as the basis for design or redesign, as needed.

    In addition to the one-day Brand Mapping© session, as part of this process, the client will receive: a current brand position intake and evaluation, revision of the personal LinkedIn profile, creation of a personal branded biography, and a six-month branding strategy specific to the client’s objectives.

    For more information on The Brand Mapping Process©, please contact us to schedule a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation.

    Content Development/Marketing

    Content Development/Marketing

    Content Development/Marketing

    A well-executed, ongoing content marketing strategy can grow the traffic of qualified potential customers to your site.

    A recent survey of entrepreneurs and executives on B2B content marketing found that 61 percent say that producing enough and/or engaging content is their top challenge.

    Karen Tiber Leland brings to the table over 25 years of extensive experience with content development. Her work as a journalist, blogger, training program designer, speechwriter, webinar developer, freelance reporter, author and marketing copywriter informs her deep knowledge of content marketing.

    Our process begins with a brand and business audit to fully understand the types, tone, and topics of content that will work best for your company. Next we conduct SEO research to determine what key words and phrases should be woven into the content developed. Finally, we work with you to create, implement and measure a content strategy for maximum marketing impact.

    A well-executed, ongoing content marketing strategy can grow the traffic of qualified potential customers to your site, raise your profile as an expert in your field and increase your search engine ranking through an influx of inbound links.

    Specialists in gleaning and repurposing your existing content and developing new work, we offer value-rich, highly branded content that can take the form of original writing, ghostwriting or expert content and includes:

    • E-book/White Paper Development
    • Blog Posts
    • Webinars, Training Programs and Keynote Speeches
    • Newsletter Design and Development
    • Feature Articles
    • Book Proposals and Full Manuscripts
    • Podcasts
    • Tweets

    E-book/White Paper Development

    SMG will work with your existing expertise to write, create and produce a short white paper or longer-format e-book for use as a lead-nurturing and lead-generation tool.

    Blog Posts

    To begin, we will create a six-month editorial calendar that focuses on a wide variety of topics related to your business expertise and experience. Once topics have been established, interviews with the client will generate draft blog posts to be written in your language and voice and include, when appropriate, relevant statistics, studies, expert interviews and how-to content. The posts may also contain audio and/or video as appropriate.

    Webinars, Training Programs and Keynote Speeches

    A continuing staple of the content world, training programs — both online and off — are a powerful way to promote your expertise in a given area. SMG works with our clients to turn their proprietary principles, practices, models and other information into streamlined, high-energy, content-rich trainings, webinars and keynote speeches. Based on the principles of adult learning theory and integrating appropriate design and technology elements, these programs are customized to fit the unique needs of each client’s brand and business.

    Newsletter Design and Development

    Want to send out a professional monthly or quarterly e-newsletter but lack the time or writing skills to put one together? SMG can write, design and/or distribute a high-style, high-content newsletter that nurtures your ongoing relationship with clients and helps convert prospects to customers.

    Feature Articles

    SMG will work with you to determine appropriate article topics and pitch relevant magazines and/or major blog sites your bylined guest article. SMG can also ghostwrite or edit, as needed, the draft article for publication based on your unique content, editorial voice and point of view.

    Book Proposals and Full Manuscripts

    We can assist you in the conceptual development of a book proposal and, if requested, draft a full document based on the ideas and information you provide. SMG can create a fleshed-out book proposal that includes the following sections: Overview, About the Author, Books on a Similar Topic, Promotion Plan, Part Outline (if applicable), Chapter Outline, Table of Contents and Sample Chapter. In addition, we offer ghostwriting services for full book manuscripts based on the client’s content, voice and brand.


    Based on an extensive client interview, SMG will write, produce and record a series of 10-to-15-minute podcasts with the client for publication on the their website as a downloadable giveaway, a product for sale or a bonus for their newsletter. All podcasts are uploaded onto iTunes as well as the client’s website.


    Relying on source material provided by the client and independent research conducted by SMG, we can write and set up for automatic posting up to a year’s worth of tweets. For authors, using your book manuscript as the basis, we extract and post a year’s worth of tweets.

    To find out more, please contact us to schedule a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation.