“Considering a return to school as a working adult? Explore the debate over the necessity of a college degree in a recent Harvard graduate program investigation. Lindy Schneider from offers insights, suggesting entrepreneurs can benefit from college education regardless of degree attainment. As adult study programs proliferate, consider your goals before committing to higher education. Discover four entrepreneurial pathways within academia, even if skipping the cap and gown.”

I recently looked into a graduate degree program at Harvard for working adults. I’m heading into the second half of my life and found myself thinking, among other things, that it might be nice to go back to school and study.  Working adult degree programs seem to be springing up all over the place, but Lindy Schneider, of says while going to college may be a fine idea, depending on your goals, getting a degree may not be. Schneider suggests four ways entrepreneurs can take advantage of a college education — even if they don’t plan on wearing a cap and gown come June. This article originally appeared on