“Discover six effective strategies to stop harassment, whether personal or professional, as highlighted in this insightful article from Reflecting on the widespread impact of the ‘me too’ campaign, the author shares personal experiences and insights on combatting various forms of harassment. From inappropriate advances to abusive language, learn how to respond assertively with expert-recommended phrases. Gain valuable tools to address harassment head-on and create a safer, more respectful environment.”

I came home recently from seeing a play to a slew of texts from friends commenting on the viral “me too” campaign that took over Facebook. Since I hadn’t seen it yet, I went on my feed and began to scroll only to find friends I had known for years posting two simple words: “me too.” That is when it hit me. After more than 25 years in the workforce, of course I have encountered inappropriate sexual advances at work. Along with most of the women I know, and more than a few of the men as well. Basically, “me too.” Not all harrasment is sexual. Harvey Weinstein, for example, was known for using abusive language and having screaming tirades. I also thought about how, even with all my training, I am sometimes at a loss for what to say when I feel impinged upon. I decided to ask some experts to give their best  phrases to halt harassment in its tracks. Click the below link to read what they had to say.
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