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The article highlights the enduring presence of remote work and virtual teams, necessitating effective collaboration strategies. It underscores the importance of team alignment for productivity and offers insights into creating a team brand and charter. Emphasizing transparency, buy-in, and clarity, it illustrates the benefits of these tools, especially in virtual workspaces. Lastly, it introduces SMG’s tailored solutions to facilitate team branding and chartering for enhanced performance and unity.

To Increase Virtual Collaboration, Create A Team Brand and Charter

Remote Work and Virtual Teams Are Here to Stay

A recent article in the New York Times podcast highlighted fresh insights from Stanford University and data-crunching at the Census Bureau, which revealed that remote work and virtual teams aren’t just a passing trend—it’s here to stay. The recent stats show that over a quarter of paid full-time workdays are happening from kitchen tables, home offices, and sometimes even poolside.

This paradigm shift has had managers nationwide swapping their in-office meeting tactics for remote workforce strategies and wrestling with the challenge of rallying their troops across time zones. The goal? To keep everyone on the same page, whether they’re dialing in from a tiny New York studio apartment, a sun-kissed Californian patio, or even a quiet corner café halfway across the globe in Rome. Let’s face it; it’s less about where team members Zoom in from and more about keeping them tuned in.

Aligned Teams are More Productive Teams

The phrase “on the same page” expresses two or more people agreeing on the same knowledge or assumptions. According to research from Gallup, “When teams are aligned and engaged, organizations benefit from increased productivity, improved communication, higher employee engagement and retention, faster decision making, and increased agility to respond to external forces.” 

But how does the overworked leader achieve this “all for one, one for all” state when faced with a team of Zoom fatigued colleagues? One of the best ways for leaders of geographically dispersed teams to achieve this is through a collaborative process to create a team brand and charter.

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Defining A Team Brand and Charter

A team brand is a collective identity that expresses shared values, goals, and work ethic. This can include a team name, logo, or tagline, but more importantly, it’s about establishing a reputation for specific qualities, such as innovation, dependability, or excellent customer service. A team brand enhances internal cohesion and external recognition, promoting a sense of pride and belonging among members.

On the other hand, a team charter outlines the team’s mission, objectives, and expected behavior. It defines roles and responsibilities, sets communication and conflict resolution guidelines, and establishes performance metrics. A team charter serves as a reference guide and source of clarity for the team, preventing misunderstandings and setting the tone for how team members should interact with each other and the rest of the organization.

Research in the National Library of Medicine reported that high-quality team charters—clearly specify members’ roles and future interaction processes—predict better performance.

The Benefits of a Team Brand and Charter

When working in a virtual workspace, a team brand and charter become even more vital. As remote teams often deal with barriers such as different time zones, cultural differences, and lack of physical interaction, a well-established team brand and charter can create a strong sense of unity and purpose and foster mutual understanding, regardless of geographical distance. Some of the significant benefits of creating a team brand and charter include the following:

•     Provides transparency. Trust is increased when all team members are aligned on what they are doing, why, and how. In addition, the other departments within the organization will have greater trust in the team, owing to the transparency created by the team charter.

•     Increases buy-in. When individuals understand the “why” behind their actions, they are more likely to feel part of the project or team.

•     Clarifies roles and responsibilities. A great deal of team friction results from unclear understanding and communication about the roles and responsibilities of the members. When everyone on the team understands their and other members’ roles and responsibilities from the outset, there is less confusion, conflict, and a fairer distribution of work.

•     Provides purpose. When the team is aligned, they are more likely to have a sense of group purpose. That purpose can act as a protective force that helps the team navigate conflicts, breakdowns, setbacks, and other issues that can arise in pursuit of the project objective.

•     Foster’s collective identity. The team brand encapsulates the team’s values and work ethic. A well-crafted brand helps create a unified work culture where everyone is motivated to embody the qualities associated with the brand. It’s the team’s flag that they rally around, representing the spirit of their collaboration.

•     Encourages collaboration. A team charter generally includes guidelines for behavior, including respect for diversity and differing opinions. This fosters a positive environment where team members feel safe and valued, leading to increased collaboration.

•     Creates a sense of belonging. The team brand and charter give team members something to identify with and take pride in. This is especially important for remote teams, where physical separation can isolate team members.

With a well-defined brand and charter, you’re not just colleagues across screens – you’re a unified, purpose-driven team. This alignment brings a much-needed sense of unity and camaraderie in the vast expanse of the remote workforce. After all, being on the same page isn’t just about understanding the mission – it’s about moving forward together, one synchronized step at a time.

Benefits of a team brand

How SMG Can Help Your Organization Create a Team Brand and Charter

Get ready to unlock your team’s true potential through SMG’s customized virtual or live off-sites, designed to ignite change, and elevate your team’s performance. Our dynamic and immersive approach helps you leave behind the default team brand of the past and generate a living team brand in the now. Our highly interactive sessions will immerse you in a world of possibilities, where you’ll gain valuable insights into your team’s desired brand for the future.

 Branding expert and executive coach Karen Tiber Leland will guide you through the process using an appreciative inquiry method, where you and your team will uncover the seven critical elements that make a team brand engaging and effective. Additionally, we’ll delve into the six key aspects of a team charter, empowering your team to craft a compelling vision for success.

The result? A team brand and charter that resonates with every team member, igniting a sense of ownership and inspiring commitment. Watch as your team becomes a powerhouse of collaboration, clarity, and camaraderie, delivering exceptional results.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Embrace the opportunity to revolutionize your team’s dynamics and shape its future. Let SMG guide you on this exhilarating journey toward a higher-performing team. Together, we’ll create a team legacy that will be remembered long after the session ends.To book an initial consultation to discuss your team’s objectives and needs contact or book an appointment directly at