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Could Your Business Benefit from Engaging A Fractional CMO?

The following simple seven-question quiz will help you easily determine how you might best use a fractional CMO and if now is the right time to bring one on.

Go with the first answer that occurs to you. Don’t overthink or rationalize it. The feeling you get in your gut is usually the right one.

In addition, consider where you are headed in the immediate future when you answer each question. 

When you are finished, submit your answers to get your score and recommended next steps by email.

1. We need someone who can act as a “general contractor” for one or more marketing and branding initiatives we have going on (or need to start), but have no one in-house who’s able (or has the time) to take on that role.

2. We want someone who can bring an outside eye and expertise to one or more marketing and branding issues we are struggling with- someone who can turn that insight into a strategy and has the resources and capacity to implement the plan.

3. We need specific assistance and expertise with one or more branding or marketing projects that require a leader with the time (or talent) we don’t have in house.

4. We need someone to consult on (or lead) a cultural transformation to help our business become more brand and marketing focused.

5. We have one or more branding and marketing initiatives that we just can’t seem to move over the finish line and need someone who can take them on with a commitment to making them happen.

6. We need someone on an external basis to quarterback our various marketing and branding initiatives while working with our internal team or while we look for a full-time CMO.

7. Our current CMO or Marketing Director is taking a leave of absence for a given period of time and we need to fill his/her shoes to make sure things keep humming along.

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