Caroline Boudreaux, Founder of the Miracle Foundation, discusses the significance of authentic philanthropy in building business brands. Delving into philanthropic efforts amidst challenges, she emphasizes the three “Ts” of philanthropy and highlights the disparity faced by nonprofits. Through personal anecdotes and insights, this episode offers valuable tips for integrating genuine philanthropy into business branding strategies, fostering social impact alongside commercial success.

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Your business brand involves a wide variety of activities.  Philanthropy if done with authenticity can be a way to show your customers, clients, employees and the world at large what you care about most – as a business or individual.  Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Caroline Boudreaux, a social entrepreneur and the Founder of the Miracle Foundation. The Foundation is committed to a family for every child in our lifetime.
Caroline and I take some time to talk about philanthropy and charity in trying times, the three “Ts” of philanthropy, as well as the challenges nonprofits face compared to for profit businesses. 

Tips To Build Your Business Brand with Authentic Philanthropy

  • In 1989, the U.N. ratified the Rights of the Child — 12 measurable things kids need to reach their full potential and the life skills training the Miracle Foundation provides for children to activate their rights.
  • The three “Ts” of philanthropy — Caroline details the ways you can help even in times of financial instability.
  • The little girl on the wooden bed — Sheebani is the child that began it all 20 years ago, she is now in nursing school.
  • The double standards faced by nonprofits — paying for marketing and talent is called overhead.

About Our Guest

Caroline Boudreaux is a social entrepreneur and Founder of the Miracle Foundation.
In May 2000, on Mother’s Day, Caroline’s life changed forever as she visited India for the first time and met a group of more than 100 orphaned children. The children were bald and filthy with empty-looking eyes — yet she saw their incredible potential. Since that day, she has committed her life to help orphaned children realize that potential.
Caroline is a firecracker Cajun who was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana and attended Louisiana State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Prior to her nonprofit work, she had a successful career in media advertising.
For her achievements with Miracle Foundation, Caroline was presented with the Hope Award in 2005, the Impact Award in 2008, and the United Nations Humanitarian Award in 2017. Caroline is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum and has completed executive programs at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Yale’s Jackson Institute for Diplomacy, and the India School of Business.
Caroline often speaks to heads of states, the press, and companies around the world.
Find out more and get in touch with Caroline on her Website|Twitter|LinkedIn|Instagram|Facebook|Youtube

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