“Discover four practical tips to prioritize marketing and branding efforts amidst daily distractions, as outlined in this article. Recognize the importance of dedicating time to promote your business for achieving success in branding and marketing strategies. Learn the importance of capturing all marketing-related ideas and actions to declutter your mind and enhance focus. Explore effective methods, such as brain dumps and organizational tools, to streamline your marketing efforts and boost productivity. Implement these strategies to make time for marketing and elevate your brand awareness effectively.”

On a typical morning, you may find yourself posting a tweet, sharing a photo on Instagram, typing up a proposal, and reaching across your morning cup of joe to answer your cell phone — all simultaneously.
Here are four easy ways you can avoid distraction and find the time to focus on getting the word out about your business:

According to some studies up to 50 percent of us say we accomplish only half the work we have planned for that day. Is it any wonder, then, that we have trouble finding the time to gain ground on our most important branding and marketing efforts?

Still as a branding and marketing strategist, I firmly believe that the degree to which you promote your own business, book, product, or cause determines the level of success you achieve. If want more brand awareness, you must learn to make time for marketing.

Here is one easy way you can avoid distraction and find the time to focus on getting the word out about your business.

1. Capture all marketing-related ideas and actions.

Just think about what happens when you are running too many programs on your computer — it usually slows down or even freezes up. The same is true for your brain; there is a limit to how much you can focus on at one time. Getting stuff out of your head and onto PDA or paper helps keep your mental space freed up to focus.


Take a few minutes — right now — and do a brain dump of all the marketing and branding items you have been holding in your head, and capture them. Just taking the time to capture all the open marketing items in your life and write them down can dramatically improve your ability to focus and get things done.

The best practice is to use a tool that helps you quickly capture all these things, even before you decide what to do with them. The tool can be a yellow pad, a sophisticated software program, or a simple To Do file in your computer.

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