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Susan Harrow is a top media coach and author of the best-selling book Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul. She wrote the ultimate guide on getting into Oprah’s O Magazine. Full disclosure, Susan is an old friend of mine and I am always impressed with her ability to make something as out of reach as getting into O seem possible.
For the past 30 years, Susan has been the brains and heart behind Harrow Communications Inc., based in Northern California. She’s a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Her work can be seen on the CNBC special The Oprah Effect, and across TV, radio, the web, and more.
Tune in for a quick-paced episode where you’ll learn what it takes to sell your product, book, or story into O Magazine. Key tips include:

O Magazine is not a magic pill.

Everything about your brand has to be in alignment for your offer to work. It’s not just your website, but your packaging, your videos, your social media. In short – your brand is YOU.

Understand your best bests for getting into O Magazine.

Certain sections are easier than others. Your best opportunity for inclusion in O may be in a section you didn’t even consider.

500 to 700 books are submitted to O Magazine each week.

And… they choose only 15–20 each month. Competition is steep so make certain your book is positioned to capture the editor’s attention.
In the final analysis you need to understand the process for pitching the magazine in a professional and effective way. It’s not just your product, but your approach. Remember, Oprah always has the final word — Pitch, packaging, preparation, and perseverance. You really have to know your stuff and understand what the magazine is looking for.

About Karen Tiber Leland, Personal Brand Strategist

Karen Tiber Leland is the founder of Sterling Marketing Group, a New York City branding, marketing, and color strategy and implementation firm helping CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs develop stronger personal, business, and team brands. Her clients include Cisco, American Express, Marriott Hotels, Apple Computer, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
She is also the best-selling author of nine traditionally-published business books that have sold over 400,000 copies and been translated into 10 languages. Her most recent book is The Brand Mapping Strategy: Design, Build, and Accelerate Your Brand. She regularly writes for and and has had articles published in Self, The Los Angeles Times, American Way, The Boston Globe, and many others.
Karen has spoken for Harvard, The AMA, Direct Marketing Association, and Stanford, among others. She has been interviewed on The Today Show, CNN, CNBC, and Oprah.
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