Travis Hollman, founder of Hollman, Inc., delves into the future of personal belongings in public spaces, highlighting innovative design and technology advancements in lockers. With over 70% market control, Hollman transforms traditional lockers into modern amenities equipped with video monitors and charging stations. Travis emphasizes purpose over profit, advocating for community welfare while achieving business success, as showcased in national media recognition and philanthropic endeavors.

Travis Hollman, Philanthropist and Founder of Hollman, Inc. discusses how people think about their personal belongings and the spaces they occupy. Hollman, which controls over 70% of the billion-dollar locker market, shares the latest in how design and technology is transforming your father’s high school locker into one with video monitors, device charging stations, and motorized shelves.
Long before taking over the family business in 2011, Travis’ products and projects earned recognition on national television and in publications such as Good Morning America, The Today Show, ABC News, USA Today, and Fortune magazine.
Travis has always put purpose over profit, showing the world that you can have fun in business and be a source of greater good for the local community.

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