Creating a Brand-Focused Company Culture

      Create a culture that gets your organization in alignment with your brand promise.

      It’s one thing to design the architecture of a company brand; it’s another to create a brand-focused culture where the brand is being lived day to day, at all levels of the organization.

      The process requires participation from the senior executive level to the front-line staff and takes between six months and one year to complete.

      Just as creating a personal brand has become a key component in managing individual careers, building a brand-centric business has become a nonnegotiable factor in company success. Simply having a good product is no longer good enough. According to research, 87 percent of corporate executives believe that having a strong corporate brand is as important as having strong product brands.

      How do you get to this sometimes-illusive state of organization-wide brand focus? It requires creating a culture where your brand promise is woven into the fabric of how your company does business.

      At SMG we work with SMBs and Fortune 1000 companies to implement The Five Functions Of Brand Alignment Process — an organization- or department-wide, in-depth consulting and training process that provides a five-point customer-centric approach to creating a brand-focused company culture. Points include:

      • The Customer Experience: Brand-Focused Connection
      • Walking the Branding Talk: Is Our Leadership a Product of the Product?
      • Lining Up All Your P’s and Q’s: Three Ways Customers Judge Your Company Brand
      • Brand Is Everyone’s Business: Treat & Train All Employees as Brand Ambassadors
      • Let Brand Energy Drive Brand Design
      • Utilizing the Power of Teams to Drive Continuous Brand Improvement
      • Create Narrative-Driven Standards: The Why of the What


      For more information on how SMG can work with your organization to create a brand-centric culture, please contact us to schedule a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation.