Executive Presence & Leadership Coaching

    How can today’s determined, yet overburdened, leaders walk their talk and act as role models for the brand values and priorities they espouse, all while navigating a high-demand work environment?

    At SMG we believe that by creating a dedicated way of being, versus a default one, leaders bring their brand promise into every interaction across the board, the results of which are higher performance, greater influence and increased competence, cooperation and engagement with their staff, colleagues, customers, industry and the public at large.

    In the initial step of this process SMG will capture, assess and present feedback on the current state of the executive’s presence from within various cross sections of their workplace. Once completed, this assessment can form the basis for implementing strategically sound improvements that will help the client move their executive presence to the next level.

    Then, using an appreciative inquiry approach, the executive will be facilitated through the SMG Brand Mapping© process via a one-day dialog and experiential session. The process focuses on discovering and honing the seven key elements of an engaging and effective executive presence and addresses:

    • Creating a unique executive presence, proposition and promise. What is it that you bring to any work situation you are a part of?
    • Using language and behaviors for powerfully communicating your executive presence in presentations, meetings, negotiations, networking, websites and social media. How can your use of language and presence create greater influence and meaning?
    • Developing an executive presence story that is both authentic and informative. What is your executive presence narrative, and how can it be most powerfully presented?
    • Achieving clarity on your current level of client and co-worker advocacy. Where do you stand today in terms of executive presence reputation, and is that where you want to be?
    • Identifying executive presence diffusers and neutralizers and coming up with an enhancement plan. In what ways are you helping or hurting your executive presence?
    • Integrating executive-presence habits that strengthen the implementation of projects, strategic initiatives and key goals. How can you set a plan for consciously expressing your executive presence vs. a default way of being?
    • Uncovering your core executive presence personality and passion and infusing your brand with a distinct energy, mood and tone. What is the essence of your executive presence?

    Finally, In the SMG three- to six-month executive coaching program for leadership presence, founder Karen Tiber Leland works one on one to help the executive clarify their unique executive brand and then translate that into a series of targeted projects specific to each leader’s scope of responsibility and goals. The projects are designed to meet the following criteria:

    • Directly benefit the individual’s executive presence, resulting in an increased leadership capability.
    • Directly benefit the individual’s work group, segment or company at large, via the implementation of the Executive Presence Projects.
    • Directly work toward outcomes that go beyond “feel good” to practical application on the job and/or in the leader’s overall career.
    • Are actionable and observable in present day and immediate future work-life situations.
    • Can be completed or can achieve substantial progress within a three- to six-month time frame.

    For more information on how SMG can help you move your leadership presence to the next level, please contact us to schedule a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation.