Rent My Brain Session

      This one-hour, no-holds-barred consulting call gets to the heart of your marketing, social media, PR, branding, business development, or content marketing question. The feedback you will get is to the point, precise and actionable.
      • Confused about what to do with your social media?
      • Wondering if your website, LinkedIn and online presence is up to speed?
      • Feel like you are not clearly able to articulate you personal or business brand?
      • Looking for the ideal  3-5 branding strategies to create the highest return on your money?
      • Think you are not getting the recognition for the thought leadership you should?

      The Rent My Brain session is a one hour intensely focused session designed for individuals looking for a High Speed Shortcut to building buzz for their brand.

      Drawing on insight from her 25 years of experience as a brand expert, marketing and management consultant, bestselling author, worldwide keynote speaker, and freelance journalist, Karen Tiber Leland insures that you will walk away with the information you need to create real results. Some of the outcomes clients have gotten from just one Rent My Brain Session include:

      • One client closed $25,000 worth of business two weeks after the call by making just one adjustment suggested.
      • An author was offered an online column at a top-ten website using our blog-promotion strategy.
      • A client placed an article on Forbes.com that became #1 on the site that week and was subsequently interviewed by NPR and featured by Arianna Huffington in her book.

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