Team Branding

      Taking the time to align your team’s brand and strategy now saves time, effort and energy later.

      Team-Brand-Mapping-Process-900This one- to two-day intensive off-site strategy-planning session is designed to facilitate a robust discussion with full engagement and alignment around the team’s future brand and strategic focus.

      Done right, a team brand can have a powerful impact on the team’s effectiveness and engagement with each other — and the rest of their organization. New and improved team skills are almost always required to make the team brand a reality, and as such, these skills challenge a team to grow in their personal and team talents. This off-site is a powerful process:

      • If your team needs a deeper alignment and commitment to the current team/project strategic direction.
      • If your team desires closer relationships among team members and a clearly defined code of conduct.
      • If your team wants renewed inspiration and engagement with the team, project or departmental purpose.
      • If a resolution of ongoing issues/disagreements about team/project direction is needed.
      • If an acknowledgment of, and commitment to, personal changes among the members is required to implement the team or project mission.
      • When you are forming a new project or intact team and/or have had a change in major team players and need to create alignment on purpose, objectives and strategy.

      During the off-site the team will create their next level of brand expression from inventing the future, rather than looking at the past, gain clarity on the team dynamics required to create the newly desired brand culture, develop and align on a strategic plan that is consistent with the team brand, and identify specific plans of action for both individuals and groups and then commit to their fulfillment.

      For more information on having Karen Tiber Leland, founder of SMG, facilitate a team branding off-site, please contact us to schedule a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation.