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[Joanna Burish and financial planner as quarterback

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Joanna Burish joins the show today to share her expertise as a licensed holistic financial planner with Northwestern Mutual. Her family office focuses on three ways her clients can have more power and control over their finances.
In today’s Thought Talk podcast we discuss the importance of partnering with your financial planning advisor, the difference between good and bad debt, the three financial items you must handle as a result of the COVID pandemic, and how to work with a “financial quarterback” to keep you on track.

Tips for Financial Planning

  • Holistic VS Siloed planning. 
  • Finding the right holistic financial planner. Striking a balance between  comfortable and challenging. 
  • Short- and long-term plans — in times of COVID, make sure your fight-or-flight response is mitigated and you keep making decisions that align with your long term plan.
  • The three things you need to have a handle on right now — 1. Keyman insurance, 2. tax-free, tax-deferred, and whole life insurance and 3. portfolio allocation and diversification.

About Our Guest

Joanna earned her B.A. in Accounting with a focus on Finance and Real Estate, and her MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She has combined her extraordinary business and artistic sensibilities into a rich and diverse career over the last 25 years including as the CEO to Real Estate portfolios ranging from $130MM- $450MM, the CEO of her film and music company working with top film and music labels and artists, and today she manages her own holistic family financial planning office at Northwestern Mutual.
This full service endeavor offers top leaders, business owners, and family businesses a holistic approach for wealth growth and preservation, lifestyle protection, and making sure clients don’t run out of money, today or in retirement.
Joanna is passionate about giving back to her community serving multiple Boards. She founded The Brauds Network in 2011: a non-profit organization of female leaders empowering each other to optimize growth opportunities.

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