Karen explores leveraging strategic thinking skills to navigate the gig economy, welcoming Matthew Spoke, CEO of Moves Financial, to share insights. They discuss the growth and impact of the gig economy, offering tips for both gig workers and employers. Matthew highlights the importance of financial hygiene and diversification for gig workers, emphasizing the need for due diligence when hiring. This episode provides practical guidance for succeeding in the evolving landscape of independent work.

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How can you use your strategic thinking skills to navigate the gig economy? Most people who choose independent work in the gig economy do so because they are pursuing career fulfillment, independence, and flexibility. However you need to use your strategic thinking skills to manage the  trade-off that you need to fend for yourself: withholding and remitting taxes, putting money aside for health insurance, retirement or paid sick leave, etc.
This can be overwhelming, but today I welcome Matthew Spoke, CEO of Moves Financial, to the show. Moves is a startup dedicated to helping independent workers achieve their financial goals.
We discuss what the gig economy is exactly, how it was expected to grow, and how COVID-19 impacted the timeline. We also touch on the increased demand for interim C-level executives and what the biggest pitfalls are for gig workers and the people who hire them.

Use Your Strategic Thinking Skills and Navigate the Gig Economy 

  • Growing labor force trends:
    • Economic and industry instability — More people will choose independent work as a primary choice or to diversify income in the coming decades.
    • Increasing selection — More skills are being brought into the online marketplace every day.
  • Tips for Gig workers:
    • Diversify — Make sure you have profiles on every platform to avoid your reputation being held hostage.
    • Financial hygiene — Understand your income and live below your means so you can put money aside.
    • Use your strategic thinking skills to navigate your journey in the gig economy.
  • Tips for hiring gig workers:
    • Do your due diligence — Investigate reviews to avoid the most common pain points.


About Our Guest

Matthew Spoke is the Founder and CEO of Moves, a fintech company for the gig economy, and the Open Foundation, a not-for-profit designed to steward the Open Application Network (The OAN). For many years, Matthew has been a leading advocate for the potential social benefits of decentralized technologies in the world. Matthew has been an entrepreneur for five years, through which he’s had the opportunity to serve as a founding board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and a founding director of the Blockchain Technology Coalition of Canada. He’s also served as an advisor to governments on the regulatory implications of new technologies like blockchain on the future world of finance.
You can learn more about Matthew Spoke on Twitter and LinkedIn


Moves Financial

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