Jeff Wald, Co-Founder of Work Market, explores the future of work in the wake of COVID-19, debunking fears of mass job loss to robots and AI. He emphasizes the need for retraining amidst the onset of the 4th industrial revolution and advocates for an agile workforce model. With expertise in talent management, Wald offers insights into the evolving landscape of modern workforces and contingent labor.

The move away from full time work in offices will create a domino effect in the supply chains surrounding office life, from cleaning to food services. Share on X

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Jeff Wald is the Co-Founder and President of Work Market and the author of the new book The End of Jobs: The Rise of on Demand Workers and Agile Corporations.
On today’s show he discusses the way COVID-19 speeds up some of the changes already forecast for the future of work. In addition, we touch on subjects ranging from the absence of retraining and its link to populism and nationalism, the advent of robots and AI, and also to democracy and technology being the way forward in shaping the future of the American workforce.

Tips and Thoughts for Making the Best of the 4th Industrial Revolution

  • Jobs that have more than 50% repetitive high-volume-component tasks are historically automated. These types of jobs will account for 10% to 15% of jobs in the U.S. over the next 10 years.
  • Have a retraining plan—as we are at the onset of 4th industrial revolution the biggest challenge remains to retrain the workforce.
  • Prepare for an agile workforce—on-demand is not the future of work. The data points to fluid, team-based “work from anywhere” jobs being the future. This comes with its own set of remote working challenges.

About Our Guest

Jeff Wald is a successful entrepreneur across the technology and services landscape. He has successfully built and sold multiple tech companies, including SpinBack to Buddy Media, which was subsequently purchased by for $800 million. Jeff has a deep background and passion for talent management and is widely recognized as a thought leader on labor force evolution. He speaks regularly on the subject of modernizing workforces and the role of contingent labor and has been a contributing writer to Forbes on the topic.


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