Lolly Daskal, CEO of Lead from Within, discusses her upcoming book “The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness” on a podcast. She delves into the internal conflicts hindering leadership excellence and offers insights on bridging these gaps. Highlighting the dual nature of strengths, Daskal emphasizes the need for vigilance. The episode explores essential aspects of leadership development, promising valuable insights for listeners. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or download it for more details.

My guest on today’s podcast is Lolly Daskal, CEO and founder of Lead from Within, a leadership consulting firm. Her extensive cross-cultural experience spans 14 countries, six languages and hundreds of companies. Lolly has also been designated a Top 50 leadership and management expert by Inc. magazine. I am particularly excited to interview her because her new book The Leadership Gap:What Gets Between You and Your Greatness will be released in May 2017 by Penguin Portfolio. In this episode Lolly talks about among other things, the polarity within us that keeps us from being great; the gaps we experience in our leadership greatness and how to bridge them, and how our strengths have a double-edged sword we need to be watchful of.

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Branding Blowout | Lolly Daskal
Lolly Daskal, Author of The Leadership Gap



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