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Can Being Funny Help Build Your Brand?

Being funny is not just a natural talent you are born with. It is also a skill you can learn. And it’s a skill that can be invaluable in building your personal brand. My guest today is David Nihill, founder of FunnyBiz – a company that specializes in helping people be...

Grow Your Small Business Brand Beyond Yourself

Today we are going to talk to small business consultant and advocate Aaron Young about how you can build a business brand that goes beyond your individual efforts. In addition to running his company, Laughlin Associates, Aaron has developed the Unshackled Owner...

3 Ways Voters Assess A Candidates Brand

It was a banner night for Bernie Sanders, who at 55 percent handily beat out Hillary Clinton to win the New Hampshire primary. Bernie was able to hit this home run because of his consistent personal brand and on-point message to millennials. But he was also able to...

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