If you’re one of those people who thinks that the new year is a good time to post an updated profile picture to your Pinterest page and other social media sites, I would agree. Visuals are a key component of many social networks. Let’s face it: We have all shaken our heads those unfortunate profile photos of people doing tequila shots in their bathrobe. Don’t let this be you.

This is a short excerpt from a blog post written for Entrepreneur.com. Read the rest of the article.

4 thoughts on “Dos and Don'ts for your Profile Photo

  1. Who would airbrush a profile photo? Are people really that image conscious?

  2. The be consistent point is something that seemed so simple, but I just realized I wasn’t following the advice when I read it.

  3. The problem I have with profile photos, is I never have decent pictures of me that are 200×200, it’s so small.

  4. I always forget to update photos, and this article helped remind me, so thanks.

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