The article recounts the author’s experience with negative online reviews after making a seemingly innocent comment in a blog post. It highlights the impact of hate emails on the author’s confidence in blogging. The author suggests reading the full post on for further insights into dealing with negative online feedback.

True confessions: When I first started blogging about a decade ago, I wrote a post for a top 10 website where I made what I thought was an innocent off-the-wall comment, meant to be (at least in my mind) somewhat humorous. Let me tell you, the barrage of hate email I got scared me to death and almost had me quit my keyboard clacking for good!

This is a short excerpt from a blog post I did for  Read the rest of the post.

4 thoughts on “How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

  1. I’ve never paid attention to negative stuff online, well not totally true, I do work to counteract it; but if I lost my cool or obsessed about all the bad stuff written on the internet, especially in comment sections, I’d lose my mind or be fighting it 24/7.

  2. I have a business that I subcontract this stuff out to, facebook, twitter, serach engine stuff, works miracles and leaves my plate for actually running my business.

  3. I like the tip about writing and posting around the web to counterbalance the negative stuff that comes up on google, that is something I’ll actually do.

  4. This is why I have someone much more level headed than myself manage my online presence, they do ths stuff for a living and have always produced great results even when I’ve been panicing or fuming about stuff I see online.

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